How it Works Page

Imprinit is a travelers’ society marketplace that connects adventure travelers and local people all around the world. We work hard to make Imprinit a very easy and convenient platform to use. We are all here for the amazing experience, so everything should be super easy.

We believe in equality, so each registered user can be a traveler and can suggest the outdoor activities as a guide as well.

Outdoor activities are presented in such categories as backpacking, camping, climbing, hiking, eco- tourism, trekking, mountaineering, walking tours, boat adventure, fishing&hunting, caving, eco-tourism, family outdoor, 4x adventure and 2x adventure, adventure photography.

You want to suggest activity:


1. Have a Wish to Share

You want to add an activity about your local place and have some skills in outdoor. Register on Imprinit, edit your profile and go through the verification process.


2. Add Your Activity

Create your activity by writing a description, adding photos, setting the price and some other details. We are all here for sustainable development and sharing economy, so please make your price affordable.


3. Respond to requests

After receiving a request, you will have 24 hours to confirm it. You will also have an opportunity to contact traveler and arrange some details. Take care of travelers and respond promptly.


4. Meet with Your Traveler

Once booking is done, you will receive a confirmation and the contact info of your traveler. Do your best to make their outdoor experience unforgettable! After that, if all is great, you will get a great review.

You want to find activity:


1. Explore Imprinit Activities

After registration, you will find different outdoor activates suggested by locals. You can choose depending on your wishes and preferences. We make it easy!


2. Contacting and Booking

You can contact a local guide, find out all details, book your favorite activity, and pay through Imprinit secure platform by using one of the most suitable payment methods.


3. New Adventure

Get ready for your trip, read the tips from other travelers on Outdoor Travelers’ Society, meet with your local guide, enjoy your activity, share your experience, and leave a review after.

Rules for Using Imprinit

We at Imprinit believe in love and prosperity. We also believe in harmony, well-being, and union of all nations. With Imprinit we make our contribution, we make it come true.

You are a traveler, and your life is full of great adventures. You explore our world, you visit the marvelous places, and meet incredible people. You are the person who knows that our planet is our Home. We are here to admire and preserve it.

That's why we want you to read and follow some rules as a member of Imprinit:

- Be respectful of all nationalities, genders, cultures, beliefs, and values of other users.

- Share your knowledge, skills, and experience. Share and be grateful.

- Be responsible (you are the only responsible person for sharing your personal information and content, so keep safe those things you wish not to become public).

- Be honest with Imprinit (make all communications and activity bookings through our website).

- Be yourself (create and use only one profile).

- Become the inspiration for others (share your experience in IOTS).

- Stay legal (this is your responsibility to pay local taxes, not violate any law or regulation).

- Stay professional (be sure to have the necessary skills and experience for providing outdoor activities, never stop learning and improving yourself).

- Imprinit is a place for local people and travelers (no travel companies/agencies and their representatives).

- Be creative, take the initiative, and be engaged (create activities, suggest us the projects for your local community development).

- Suggest affordable prices (remember, we are all adventure travelers here, please put the prices you can afford by yourself).

We are adventures, discoveries, and memories.