My first hiking trip around Turkey

Dec12, 2017 Georgia by Ani Yaremenko

Turkey is a huge country on a crossroad between Europe and Asia and probably I could not make a better decision than going there for hiking. After spending several days in Istanbul, a capital Turkey and it also deserves a story (which I will write later and will share with you for sure) I went to Izmir by Pegasus Airline. I must admit that the price for the flight ticket was really cheap and this is probably the best option to get there. From Izmir, I had a plan to make a hiking trip to Ephesus - an ancient Greek city. In sum it took me 3 days to get there with 2 stops for camping nights, and what the most important conclusion about my first hiking experience is that you must train physically before such trip. As I was not prepared well, so I was getting tired very fast and my muscles were pulled all the time. When I reached Ephesus, I’ve forgotten about all difficulties as it’s really worth visiting! It’s a country inside of the country which has its own borders and you will be asked for passport and will be checked in order to cross the border. when you enter the city, you will appear in ancient Greece where things are preserved and kept so you can feel there as 2000 or 3000 years ago. Incredible feelings! I highly recommend all of you!