What do I take with me to the mountains

Dec12, 2017 Georgia by Ani Yaremenko

That might a very obvious post, but as my experience shows a lot of people are curious what must be taken to the mountains. And here are my personal tips. The most important in clothes is that they must be: light, durable, warm, and waterproof clothes; most of your clothes must be of natural materials and hypoallergenic. As for equipment, it, of course, depends on the type of your trip, but while packing and preparation you need to keep in mind that you’ll have to walk a lot, so take only the most necessary things. How to do that? Imagine yourself all extreme&unpredictable situations (like weather storm, heavy rain, utter paths, etc.) and take only that gear that can help you to cope with those situations. Food and first aid = the quality of your hiking trip, as you need to eat balanced, nutritious and full of vitamins food. if going to high mountains prepare all necessary medicines and vitamin C and glucose, as when being at a high altitude your body starts losing vitamins faster and needs to be “recharged” faster.