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Imprinit connects local people and adventure travelers. Traveling with Imprinit means exploring the world inside out. We give you a variety of choice, you can be both Imprinit Traveler and Local Guide and you can also join Imprinit Outdoor Traveler’s Society where you can share your stories and experience. 

While using Imprinit you will be provided with the essential support, safety, tolerable prices, and unique local activities.

There are such categories of local activities, which you can try and can suggest to other travelers as:

  • Hiking & Trekking 
  • Camping 
  • Walking tours 
  • Climbing & Mountaineering 
  • Boat Adventure 
  • Fishing & Hunting 
  • Caving 
  • Ecotourism activities 
  • 4x Adventure (safari, off-road adventures)
  • 2x Adventure
  • Family outdoor

So, these are the categories and you as a Local Guide might have a question what can be shared?! As we value your skills and experience, you can share with the traveler, not just local outdoor activities but also an advice and your knowledge. You can help other travelers plan trip to your local area and give some tips. Is not this a great way to make new friends and help other travelers? 


If you have ever tried rafting, for sure you would like to do it over and over again. Exploring a beautiful panorama of the mountains, landscapes, and canyons. For extreme lovers, everything is much more enjoyable when you are sitting on the front edge of the boat. You are the first one to feel the coming waves, water is falling over you.

Falling from the boat it’s a part of the story which you’ll remember forever. As experienced rafters say: If you won’t fall from the boat, you will never experience a real adrenaline.

And remember about the front seat ;)


*Rafting is one of the possible activities which can be found in the category Boat Adventure.


“We spend several minutes on the mountain peak. We think that we have reached a goal, but when do we grow as a person in reality?! What makes us stronger? – It is a Way.” – Giorgi Janelidze, co-founder of Imprinit.

Spending days or even weeks reaching the mountain peak requires patience, strength, self-control and good, reliable people near you. 
Meeting different locals during the trip gives us an opportunity to learn and share.


Meet local people, try unique activities with Imprinit and imprint your emotions forever in your heart and mind! 

Would you like to try yourself as a mountaineering guide, don't don't know from what to start? Read the article by Mountain Guide School "How to Become a Mountain Guide"


Take a hike. Hiking is the great escape from everyday troubles and noise. Whether you're looking for an easy, family hike, hiking trip with friends or want to admire the stunning views from the summit hike, or something in between, there is always a trail nearby waiting for you.



“There are different ways of challenging yourself. Rock climbing is one of them. Spending hours on the wall or even days makes you very tired. Believing in the partner can save your life after the fall. You fall often and start again and again from the same place which you already passed several times. It makes us stronger not only physically, but also changes our character. As the higher you go, the better view opens in front of you, which makes your mind free.” – Giorgi Janelidze, co-founder of Imprinit.


Ecotourism activities:

In order to explore the world around us, we don’t need a lot. Actually, we can observe and discover the amazing places around us and the same time preserves the nature, respect local people, their culture, and traditions. The main idea is to plunge into the local culture and environment, experiencing it but not disturbing.

These are the values of Imprinit. Examples of ecotourism activate are birds or whales watching, horse riding, and so on.


Waking up in the morning and watching the amazing view and enjoying the sunrise in silence, does not this sound perfect? Camping is a perfect relaxation from overcrowded and loud cities and in a good company with local people is the greatest plan for your trip.



The world around us is practically whole discovered and hardly can be found a place where the human has not been yet. There is another marvelous world full of discoveries and mysteries, which is under us. There are thousands of caves, which still have not been discovered and we have a chance to be a part of exploring something new and unknown. Being a part of the speleological expedition or even a short excursion to the cave sounds great, is not it?!


4x Adventure and 2x adventure:

There are 2 categories which are connected to means of transport:

4x Adventure and 2x adventure. Active outdoor in our days can be hardly imagined without bikes and off-road cars. Sometimes, it is even necessary, as for safari or off-road trip you need to have a car. You can go wherever you want, to the desert or mountainous area, you can visit in one day a lot of places. This is a perfect choice for those who likes speed, adrenalin, and adventures.


2x adventure is also a very exciting outdoor activity. If you love driving bike, you will enjoy watching this video by Danny Macaskill: The Ridge about his 2x wheels adventures. 

Choose your favorite outdoor activity or suggest your own as Imprinit Local Guide. Let's enjoy traveling together and make this world brighter, happier and more adventurous! 

Imprinit each hiking trail.

We are your adventures, discoveries, and memories.

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