Sharing Experience & Finding Support: Imprinit Outdoor Travelers’ Society

It’s not an easy task sometimes to find those people who share your ideas and interests, but for all outdoor enthusiasts, Imprinit creates something special. We do care about your past and future travels and want Imprinit to be for you exciting, informative, easy to use and memorable platform. Best place for your traveling memories and inspiration!​


The aim of Imprinit is to connect adventure travelers and local people for stunning outdoor activities and unique experience. Our users are hikers, travelers, locals and all who love outdoors. In order to make the process of exploring and discovering the world for our users easier and simpler we create Imprinit Outdoor Travelers’ Society. So, the members of Imprinit Outdoor Travelers’ Society can find those who share their interest; learn something new; share their experience and memories with other members; plan future trip and expeditions together.​

Additionally, to all mentioned options Outdoor Travelers’ Society membership means taking part in different online and live events held by Imprinit. ​


We are your adventures, discoveries, and memories!

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Imprinit is an online platform which connects adventure travelers and local people for amazing outdoor activities experience. We are your adventures, discoveries, and memories.