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How does traveling influence us? What do we bring home besides new impressions, memories, new friends and hundreds of pictures? ​

Going to another country you make a step outside your comfort zone. Experiencing cultural shock is actually a very cool thing, as it gives you a chance to immerse yourself in another culture, learn about other yourself and other people more, feel yourself a global citizen, teaches you to be tolerant and value other traditions. ​

Never be afraid to make a first step toward traveling as exploring and discovering new cultures as it is so exciting and it shows us that despite our differences we are one big global family.​

Imprinit is for you if you are an outdoor traveler dreaming about new adventures and unique experience. Imprinit suggests you an opportunity to hike the world in a unique, safe and cheap way. Are you with us?!​


What makes Imprinit a great tool for you as a hiker?

First of all, it is a fair price suggested by local guides, as we connect you directly with locals. With the help of local people, you can plan your trip in an easy way, visit new places and trails, learn local culture from inside and what is very important get an essential advice when required. Outdoor traveling with Imprinit is safer, cheaper and much more interesting than alone. While Imprinit activity booking you will not only get a unique experience, but you also will influence on the local communities’ development by supporting local guides. ​

You as a traveler can also become a Local Guide in your local area. Nowadays, people who live in big cities feel the pressure of the overcrowded megalopolises and living rural is even kind of advantage now. Staying rural, following “close to nature” lifestyle is great, but how can you get benefits and profit out of it?

Outdoor activities are the great opportunity for you as a local person living in the rural area. You can create any kind of activity based on your creativity and the natural recourses which surround you. ​


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We are your adventures, discoveries, and memories. 

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Imprinit is an online platform which connects adventure travelers and local people for amazing outdoor activities experience. We are your adventures, discoveries, and memories.