What is Imprinit?

What makes you happy? Cool adventures? Climbing and hiking? Meeting local people and learning new cultures? ​

If your answer is “YES”, then we are here for you! 

Our Imprinit team works hard and makes efforts for you to try the beta version of Imprinit as soon as possible.​


Daily each third traveler sets out in adventure journey. Some choose hiking, others camping, climbing, mountaineering, eco-tourism, etc. We are united by the hunger for outdoor adventures as “The Mountains Are Calling” and it gives us the feeling of the absolute freedom.​

What is a happiness for Hiker? Is it the crossed trails, conquered peaks or explored surrounding? Is not this a happiness to share with others what you know and discovered?!​

Imprinit is an online platform which connects adventure travelers and local people for amazing outdoor activities experience. ​

When starting a new adventure, usually we wish there was someone nearby who can help, advise and support us. We wish to meet new people and explore something unique. We are Imprinit. Inspired by adventures, created for hikers.​


IMPRINIT means to explore the world inside out. Imprinit gives to any user an opportunity to become Imprinit Traveler and Local Guide, so you can find activities up to your interests and share your memories with other travelers using Imprinit Outdoor Traveler’s Society.​

While using Imprinit you will be provided with the essential support, safety, tolerable prices, and unique local activities, like backpacking, camping, climbing, hiking, eco-tourism, etc.​

#Imprinit it is not only about activities, it is also an Outdoor Travelers’ Society, where everyone can share his experience, discoveries, and memories.​


Imprinit is a travel startup on the stage of development and we know that you as an inspired hiker or a local outdoor guide can help us to create Imprinit Outdoor Traveler’s Society.​

If you like and support the Imprinit idea, please share this article with those who might be interested as well. Feel free to share your suggestions and feedbacks via social media accounts using the #Imprinit.

Visit our website www.imprinit.com and sign up to be notified of the launch.​

Imprinit each hiking trail.

We are your adventures, discoveries, and memories!


Imprinit is an online platform which connects adventure travelers and local people for amazing outdoor activities experience. We are your adventures, discoveries, and memories.