Why 2017 is the Year of Sustainable Development And How We Can Join It?

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"We believe that if we know how to find, through adventure travel, the ability to employ those who own the land, woods, rainforests or deserts, the lakes or lagoons, that we will find a path to correcting the terrible inequalities of our country and the world.” These words of the former Mexican President Felipe Calderon have such a deep meaning and they need to be a powerful incentive to the global changes. 

Unfortunately, now according to Global Report on Adventure Tourism World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) of each USD 100 spent on a vacation tour by a tourist from a developed country, only around USD 5 actually stays in a developing-country destination’s economy. 

Even though the tourism industry is one of the largest economic sectors in the world accounting for 9% of global GDP and one in eleven jobs, still there are a lot of potential recourses which can be used and developed in this field. link 


Adventure tourism is not only a tourism, but it is an opportunity. The opportunity for us to preserve the nature for next generations, as outdoor activities don’t require expensive infrastructure as traditional tourism. The opportunity for local people to be proud of their culture and rural areas, it’s also a chance for them to earn enough for living a happy life. It is the opportunity for us as travelers to be responsible and make changes, influence the development of the local communities. It gives us a lot of opportunities, but will we use those? It depends on us. 


The UN has declared that 2017 will be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, we do believe this year will bring great changes. We as Imprinit start-up team (www.imprinit.com) work in the adventure tourism sector, developing the platform where any local person can provide an outdoor activity for travelers. We work for all people to have the equal rights and opportunities, for the adventure tourism to lead to the local communities’ sustainable development. 


Remember that adventure traveling is not only a tourism, but this is an opportunity for us all to influence the sustainable development of local economies globally. 

Video by World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) promoting the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

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